Important Notice

Class of 2015 receive their GCSE RESULTS from the outdoor eating area between 10:30 and 12:00 today.

Result envelopes will be handed to the students in person.
Parents may only collect if we have received advance written permission from the student.
Envelopes not collected by the end of the session will be posted home.

Please note that it is difficult to provided duplicates e.g. for results lost at music festivals and a delay may result. For this reason we encourage students to take great care of their results!




Welcome to Rodborough School. We are an inclusive 11-16 school with a strong academic tradition.

At the heart of our vision is ensuring that we both support and challenge our students so that they are able to achieve their best through their enjoyment of the wide range of opportunities and experiences that we offer.

Matthew Armstrong-Harris

  • “Students have fantastic attitudes to their learning. They are diligent and want to do well.” Ofsted
  • "Leaders, including governors, are highly effective. Students' achievement is at the heart of everything they do." Ofsted
  • 86% achieved C grade or better in English and 84% in Maths (Summer 2015)
  • Students’ behaviour is excellent, both in and out of lessons. They are rightly proud of their academy.” Ofsted
  • “Students play an important role in the leadership of the academy, for example as prefects or through the school council.” Ofsted
  • “Parents can see that their children are making good progress.” Ofsted
  • "There is a variety of opportunities for students to develop their artistic talents and appreciation , and for them to participate in sport." Ofsted
  • “Students are asked searching questions that help them shape their thoughts, opinions and beliefs.” Ofsted
  • “They (students) work very hard in lessons and want to achieve well.” Ofsted
  • “The curriculum … provision is excellent, as it is designed to meet individual students’ specific needs and interests.” Ofsted
  • "There’s no shortage of things to do and get involved in here; you’d have to try hard to be bored." Student comment recorded by Ofsted inspector.

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